Born on May 9th in Medellin, Colombia, Monica was nominated as the 2004 Female Revelation by TV y Novelas and went on to shine in Juan Fischer’s award-winning feature film “Looking for Miguel” and in “The Miraculous”, the super-production by famed Mexican director/screenwriter Rafa Lara. The latter film earned her an invitation to the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF) in 2008.

Monica discovered her love of acting when she was just five years old, in her first leading role as Snow White in a pre-school production. Her family supported her move to Bogotá at age 16, where she began studying theater and acting and only two years later, at age 18, she landed her first television role as Helena in the Caracol TV series “Juliana que mala eres”.

Following her early success in the world of television, Monica traveled to Argentina to continue her acting studies. She spent three years studying Combined Arts at the University of Buenos Aires before returning to Colombia to consolidate her artistic career on numerous TV soaps and comedies including “Pedro el escamoso” (2001); “Pecados capitales” (2002); “Dora la celadora” (2004); “La ex” (2006); and “Pocholo” (2007).

2009 was spent working in two TV soaps simultaneously: “Las trampas del amor” (RCN) and “El fantasma del gran hotel” (Teleset). Encouraged by this double triumph, Monica moved from Bogotá to Los Angeles to seek international projection in 2010 and in 2011 was offered the starring role in RCN’s international series "Allá te espero". Monica is currently preparing a series of new projects from her home town of Los Angeles.